About Us



We are committed to providing comfortable and luxurious women’s fashion with a purpose, designed especially for women who want to feel beautiful, and enjoy expressing their voice through fashion that inspires them, and everyone else around them.


We aim to become a leading fashion brand, as well as a trendsetter within our industry, generating long lasting and trust-based relationships with our customers, and empowering them to follow their passion, so that they can feel comfortable stepping outside the established norms to be different and unique.


If there are no customers, there is no Airrys. Yes, it refers to you. Therefore, we have the responsibility to give back to the society and make our modest contribution to our common home--the earth. We adhere to the concept of "sustainability", contributing to environmental protection and make the earth healthier.

Every time we receive an order, we will plant a tree in a wildland restoration project in one of our priority threatened ecosystems, including the Northern Great Lakes, Northern Rockies and Cascades, and Lower Rio Grande Valley. Therefore, each of your orders will be given more meaning, not only adding beauty to the world, but also providing homes and food for wild animals and clean air and water for descendants.


Adhering to the tenet of “quality first”, we select high-quality suppliers for cooperation according to the standard of light luxury brand, and assist suppliers in continuous process upgrading. After several rounds of field investigation and evaluation, we finally decided to take the factory in Guangzhou, China as a partner. They have more than ten years of experience in producing bandage dress, and have a complete, scientific and intelligent production management system. Our factory is committed to reducing the impact on the environment and mainly relies on machines for product production.


Awareness of Green. We believe that clothing is a long-term asset. To create a substainable business, we have a big input of resources into the R&D of our cloth. The material of our clothing is durable as well as comfortable.

 Our mission is to break the profit gap between suppliers and customers, and bring customers the best quality products within their budget. We Independently develop and use the tripartite sass system to promote the digitization process of supply chain and suppliers, improve the production efficiency of upstream and downstream. We are devoted to cutting down cost in every part, making profits for consumers and promise that the gross profit margin of the brand will not exceed 20%.


There are rich raw materials, abundant labor resources, advanced production technology and safe production environment on our production line. We choose modern, high-tech and ethical factories for cooperation through various investigations, and will require factories to continuously participate in evaluation and update technology in time to ensure production quality and efficiency. Welcome to learn more about the details of our factory, and welcome to supervise at any time.


Airrys is committed to satisfying everyone who works for us, which determines that the factory we choose must provide workers with a healthy and safe working environment. At the same time, we will also supervise the factory to provide perfect employee welfare and treatment for workers, ensuring their working hours are controlled within a reasonable range, and always pay attention to the physical and mental health of workers.


It is a long-standing phenomenon that a part of the labor force is unemployed. The factories we cooperate with provide jobs and a good working environment for hundreds of workers. Each worker has a family behind him, which is also related to the happiness of hundreds of families. In the future, we will still try our best to contribute to solving the problem of social employment, and supervise the factory to provide protection for workers' welfare, rest time, physical and mental health.